New Patients

Trust Your Local Doctor

Maybe you’ve heard about chiropractic care through a friend or did some research online. Maybe you’re just tired of living in pain. If going to the chiropractor is a new experience for you, don’t worry! We’re here to help you shed your pain and get back on your feet. Your first visit to our practice will be about getting to know your chiropractor, and a chance for us to get to know you!

Beyond the Office Tips

Below are our tips and tricks to making your office visit last longer between appointments.

Proper Desk Posture

In order to have healthy posture at your desk, you should pay attention to these tips:

  • Your computer should be at eye-level, so you are not tilting your head up or down to look at it.

  • You should be sitting tall with a straight spine, keeping your shoulders relaxed.

  • Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle.

  • Your lower back should have support. Use a chair with good lumbar support or purchase a lumbar pillow.

  • Your legs should be at a 90-degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs or ankles

Getting some movement into your day will help your muscles, bones, energy levels, and even your focus. You can get more movement in by visiting a coworker’s desk instead of sending an email, taking more bathroom breaks (by drinking more water), and taking the stairs. You should try to stand up and move around at least once per hour.
Eating Right

If your office provides lunches or sets out snacks in the kitchen, it can be tempting to indulge. However, try to resist. Daytime snacking is an easy way to add unnecessary calories. Bring in your own healthy snacks like fruit to curb any snack cravings.

When it comes to lunch, you should prepare your own lunches at home instead of eating out or buying what’s in the cafeteria. This way you can bring something healthy and nutritious. Allowing yourself to eat out will bring on too many temptations for fast food. If it helps, set aside one or two days to prep meals for the rest of your week.

In addition to your meals, make sure you are getting in your recommended water intake. It helps to label water bottles with times of the day, so you can set goals. Drinking more water will also give you an excuse to get up and walk to the bathroom more (as previously mentioned).

New Patients

At Swan Chiropractic we want like to get to know our patients to get down to the root of their pain. With our new patient orientation classes, the first three visits to our office will help us figure out the root of the problem.

  • Day 1 – On day one, you will meet with your doctor and perform an initial wellness consultation. If necessary, we will perform scans and x-rays to get a closer look at the problem areas.

  • Day 2 – Following your initial appointment, you will meet with your doctor to review the scans and discuss the beginning stages of a treatment plan. Next, we will begin testing adjustments to see what is fit for you and your treatment plan.

  • Day 3 – The final meeting day will be an appointment dedicated to creating a strategy and getting you acclimated to your new health journey. At Swan Chiropractic we strive to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual for optimal positive results. Through our three-day appointment plan, we are able to curate a plan that can restore your overall health.